Jeffrey C. Toy

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Artist Statement
This document herein works best to explain my individual view on art and the process by which art is thus created.
An accumulation of life's experiences, listed in a chronological format to inform the viewer of the variety of roles filled and years in which those roles were filled.
Scholastic Portfolio 1997-2018
This project has been a long and wild artistic journey, not really knowing just where it would take me. Within these digitized pages lyes some of the best work that I had produced during my scholastic years in search of the best visual answer. ( To view Full Image on device, just click on the Image )
Photographic Design-Spring 2017 | Zine Concept
From the start of the semester, we were initially challenged to take on the idea of creating a Zine, which included researching the history of the Zine and how it had evolved over the years. The approach I took in the beginning was the totally wrong direction, still struggling with the idea of P.T.S.D. of which I had been diagnosed earlier the year prior. Therefore, I decided that my approach should be one of outlet rather than condemnation or blame. In this state-of-mind, creativity had been given a green light, and what sprang forth were some rather large imagery. Not in the sense of size and digital content reaching a gig per image, but the overall presentation that flowed from imagination plus research.
Photographic Design-Spring 2017 | Kinfolk Project
Kinfolk, a popular publication among the socially sophisticated class, that focuses on the quality of living from food and travel to exotic places and exposure to a variety of culture. We had to follow the exact outline of the Kinfolk template and typography, while including photography that had been shot, developed. and edited by us. Then it had to be laid out in a way that said Kinfolk.
Photographic Design-2017 | Irving Penn
For this project, we were to follow the example of Irving Penn, a Photography Guru whom photographed still life, people, and even dead flowers. He used the camera as the vehicle to capturing the forms as they had existed in front of a back drop. My images herein serve to exemplify the emotion and direction that Penn was known for.
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